About the Foundation

Our mission and history

The 太阳城娱乐 Foundation advances the mission of Metropolitan Community College by attracting resources that increase student access to educational opportunities. The Foundation also supports quality programs and environments that respond to the educational and workforce needs of the community.

Over 50% of 太阳城娱乐 students require financial aid to realize their dreams of attending college. Many of our students are the first in their families to attend college. The 太阳城娱乐 Foundation supports students by providing scholarships, emergency student aid, academic coaching and special capital projects for 太阳城娱乐's five campuses.

Support from our community is more important than ever

We'd like to keep in touch with you and be sure you're informed about the happenings of the 太阳城娱乐 Foundation.

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Strengthening the tradition of excellence

Community colleges receive just 12% of the total state higher education allocation despite serving more than half of Missouri's college students. Support from alumni and the community is more important than ever. Severe cuts in state funding to community colleges pose a serious challenge to the College. Private contributions help guarantee that dedicated, deserving students have the opportunity to benefit from 太阳城娱乐's programs and services.

太阳城娱乐 Foundation credentials

The 太阳城娱乐 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established April 1, 1976, by Metropolitan Community College. We are designated to receive and manage gifts on behalf of 太阳城娱乐's five campuses. The Foundation actively seeks contributions from a variety of public and private sources including individuals, corporations, organizations and other foundations.

太阳城娱乐 Foundation scholarship and program funds benefit our students and campuses throughout the 太阳城娱乐 district. 太阳城娱乐 Foundation funds are kept and managed separately from the College. The Foundation acts as a trustee for donations to assure that gifts are distributed in the manner specified by the donor. The 太阳城娱乐 Foundation is audited annually by an independent public accounting firm.

太阳城娱乐 Foundation history

The Metropolitan Community College Foundation was founded in 1975. The Foundation supports the mission of 太阳城娱乐: Preparing students, serving communities, creating opportunities for all.

As the nonprofit, fundraising arm of 太阳城娱乐, the Foundation serves about 20,000 students annually by addressing their financial and educational needs through scholarships, educational enhancement programs and the improvement of learning facilities.

For the College, the 太阳城娱乐 Foundation administers 174 scholarships and endowments, sponsors alumni and donor recognition events, and leads the annual capital campaign. The Foundation's Board of Directors participates in planning, volunteering and administration as well as maintaining relationships with the greater community. The Foundation is committed to forming partnerships that make Metropolitan Community College the first choice for higher education in Greater Kansas City.

太阳城娱乐 history

Although the Metropolitan Junior College District was established in 1964, the College's roots go back to the founding of the Kansas City Polytechnic Institute in 1915. Just four years later, the Polytechnic's junior college division and the business, engineering and nurses training divisions merged to become the Junior College of Kansas City. By 1921, the Junior College added evening classes. Following World War II, the College expanded its academic offerings to include various kinds of occupational training. It also began attracting more and more students from outlying communities beyond Kansas City, Missouri.

Until 1964, the College was part of the Kansas City, Missouri, School District, with our students taking classes in facilities in Westport. By 1969, construction was underway on three new Metropolitan Junior College campuses: Penn Valley in midtown, Maple Woods in the Northland and Longview in Lee's Summit. There are now five campuses that make up 太阳城娱乐: 太阳城娱乐-Blue River, 太阳城娱乐-Longview, 太阳城娱乐-Maple Woods, 太阳城娱乐-Online and 太阳城娱乐-Penn Valley.