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Fark -
Leenks - Sites For When You're Bored
Evil Humor
Funny Pictures - Funny Pictures
TheComedyNet - Damn Funny Stuff and Some ....
CollegeHumor Funny Videos - Funny Pictures, Funny Videos, Funny Links!
Evil Milk
Funniest Videos EvAr - funny videos, pics, links, and articles - everything news worthy
The Daily Top 10 - Top 10 Lists served fresh daily
Grimm's Ugly People - Features pictures of ugly men, women, guys and girls.
Spider Solitaire - Play Free Spider Solitaire Online
Save Me From Boredom - Games, Viral Videos, Photos and More. - The best movies,tv,music,sports,funny Sites and much more.
Bnshady - links and cool stuff
My Click Show - Funny, Interesting and Awesome Videos, Pictures and Links!!!
King of the Web - Competition for web personalities and random videos
FuunyCrazyWeird Picutres - Some the best funniest, craziest and weird pics
Vulkom - Amazing and Awesome photos

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Frank The Fish 2
Frank The Fish 2

Frog Pond
Frog Pond

Christmas story shootout
Christmas story shootout

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  CollegeHumor Funny Videos
  Evil Milk
  Funniest Videos EvAr
  The Daily Top 10
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