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NFL Last Man Standing Pool

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1. Can I start a New Pool after week 1.
Yes - you can start a new pool any week you want.
2. How come I can't play the same team twice?
You can only pick one team each season.
3. I missed the first game of the week. Can I still make a pick?
You can pick any team whose game hasn't stared yet. So you can still make a pick until the last game of the week starts (as long as you still have either of those teams available)
4. What happens if I cant make a pick?
This can happen late in the season if you have waited until the last minute to make your pick. If you can't pick a team, you lose.

Keep in mind that you can make picks for any game that hasn't started yet, so even if you miss the first game of the week, you can still make picks for any games that haven't started yet.

Also, you can make picks for future weeks. So you can go in and make picks for every week for the rest of the season, these picks can be changed at any time.
5. Can you change my picks after a game starts?
NO - We cant change anything, even if you feel it was an error on our part. Sorry.
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