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Bed Wed Dead

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1. What is Bed Wed Dead.
Is a game in which the player(s) are asked to assign a given group of three people into which ones they would like to would Bed, Wed or Dead respectively, and to explain why.,_Marry,_Kill
2. Does this mean I really want them dead?
No. We dont want anyone getting hurt.
3. Sometimes you have objects and not people how does this work?
Its not literal. For the cars think of it as which one do you want to own, rent, and never drive.
4. Does it make me gay to vote on same sex ones?
Ummmmm. I really dont want to acknowledge this but...

thats the fun of playing this game. Try playing this at the dinner table, it can get dicey.
5. Can I suggest a Bed Wed Dead.
Sure - email me what you want to put up.
If you can, give me the links to the Jpeg pictures.
Google Search
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vancover rioters laid
When a woman says "fuck me now." Men don't question it.
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