Advanced Technical Skills Institute

太阳城娱乐-Penn Valley's Advanced Technical Skills Institute is a fully-remodeled 101,108-square-foot facility located in the heart of Kansas City (and easily accessible via public transportation). The ATSI is home to 太阳城娱乐's high-quality, high-demand skilled-trades programming.

2023 KC Favorite Places Winner - ATSI

We are proud to announce we have been voted Kansas City's 2023 favorite vocational school!

Everything in the facility was dreamed and designed with the input and expertise of our instructors and students. We also consulted with major employers in our area, who were glad to share exactly what skills and experience our program graduates need when they enter the field.

From the layout to the equipment and technology, this site features teaching and learning spaces that are on the cutting edge, including:

  • Indoor and outdoor classroom spaces simulating the work environment
  • Modern and spacious individual work stations, as well as separate spaces designed to accommodate group instruction
  • The latest in tools, equipment and technology
  • Modular classrooms designed for collaborative learning
  • Contemporary nooks and booths in transition areas that are ideal for studying as an individual or group
  • And, tons more features specific to each of the workforce programs calling the ATSI home

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