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Who is you favorite Mistress.

Rebecca Loos was the alleged mistress of UK-turned-Yankee footballer-turned-soccer player David Beckham. She worked for the Beckham family as a nanny and personal assistant while in Spain. There, she says Beckham and her had sex sessions at least four times. That must be the proper, British way to say they did the horizontal salami samba. Obviously she no longer works for the Beckhams (who remain married), but goes so far as to claim responsibility for their seemingly steadfast relationship. Did her and Becks get down? Its unclear, but well tell you, that wed have trouble turning down a girl that looks like that and thats been bisexual since [she] was a teenager.

Oksana Pochepa is a 24-year old Russian pop singer, and the current girlfriend of celebrity/Catholic trainwreck, Mel Gibson. Their extremely unsettling relationship was the cause of Mels divorce from his wife of 28 years, this woman. Somewhat, understandable. Trading in for the new model happens all the time. What doesnt usually happen is that the 24-year old pop star says to the press that their love is strong and long-lasting. Well, a little quick math, and if they last as long as his last marriage, Mel Gibson will be 81 (read: dead). So, pragmatically, she may be correct.

The famous call girl of capitol hill, and the woman that single handedly (maybe double, who knows?) brought down Gov. Eliot Spitzer, Ashley Dupre, is actually pretty hot. Shes also an enterprising, business-minded young woman that not only became a world class call girl, but has started a budding (kind of) singing career on the side. Not bad.

Rebecca LoosOksana PochepAshley Dupre

Rebecca Loos

Oksana Pochep

Ashley Dupre

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