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All of these babes played teachers.... I would have learned nothing.
Ms. Garth gets special teacher recognition for her student-to-teacher transformation on the latest iteration of the teeny-bopper classic. Now that's some intertexual healing, if you know what I mean. No, you don't? It's a pretty standard film theory term, and, uh...ah forget it.
Julies best-known role was on the television series Ed, where she played high school English teacher Carol Vessey, whom Ed--and most of the male audience--fell in love with. Shes been on tons of other shows, including Boston Legal where she went into actual labor with her son Oliver at the tail end of filming her fake labor scene.
She played a super hot Latina teacher on the ill-fated, but aptly named for this article, TV show Teachers. Let's see...she's a princess and a super hot teacher, are those not enough nocturnal-emission-generating identities for you? She was also a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Check. Mate.

Jennie GarthJulie BowenSarah Shahi

Jennie Garth

Julie Bowen

Sarah Shahi

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